StepIn makes positive assumptions about people who have support needs. It assumes that they can – and will – live more independently than before; that they will support one another as much as they can and that they will play an active role participating in - and contributing to - their local community. 

The StepIn Team

StepIn is a new Irish organisation enabling people with disabilities to live in the heart of their communities. It is based on a UK model developed successfully by Keyring. Our first network was opened in Athlone with a second presently being set up in Roscommon.

StepIn offers network members the opportunity to live more fulfilled, engaged and participative lives. A StepIn network offers many advantages over traditional residential care — both personal and economic.

Members of StepIn networks are people who have a disability who want to live in their own home and need some support to do this.

Members must be willing to support fellow network members and to take part in network meetings.

Applications for existing networks — or care organisations interested in a new network — should contact StepIn at its offices in Roscommon.

Each network consists of as many as10 members, which includes up to nine adults (who have support needs) and a community living volunteer.

All members need to live close together in dispersed housing (NOT clustered) so that the network members are all within walking distance of each other and can support one another easily.

Truly Independent Living

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Supported Living Networks

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