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What is StepIn?

StepIn is an Irish organisation that offers people with disabilities the chance to live more fulfilled, engaged and participative lives. Members of a StepIn network live independently in their own homes. They do this with the support of their fellow network members. There are many reasons why a StepIn network offers advantages over traditional residential care — both personal and economic. Primarily, members value the enhancement to their lives and the chance to contribute more to their community.

What is a network?

A network consists of up to ten regular homes within walking distance of members. People who need support live in as many as nine of them and these people are all members of the network. A community living volunteer lives in an additional house. Members of StepIn networks are people who have a disability who want to live in their own home and need some support to do this.

How does it work?

Members must be willing to support fellow network members and to take part in network meetings. Beyond this, people are free to live their lives as they wish in their homes and communities.

The houses that members live in can be rented from the county council, privately rented, rented from a housing association or be owned by the member themselves. A supported living coordinator helps the member to find accommodation and manages the operation of the network.

The volunteer helps network members with day-to-day issues like paying bills and filling in forms and makes sure that members understand what is involved in their tenancy agreements.

The volunteer organises regular meetings of the network members and helps members to find out what is going on in the community and supports them if they wish to get involved. Members are expected to give support and practical help to each other and the volunteer helps members to do this

What do you mean by independent?

People have their own home; they are the tenancy holder. They hold the keys, control who comes and goes from their home. They pay their own bills, make their own decisions, take control of their daily activities. They do their own shopping, cook their own meals, make their own way to destinations.

Members have been facilitated in learning how to plan aspects of their lives that others may have previously done for them. Through this facilitation the members learn and often share this new learning with other members, which reinforces their own knowledge and confidence.

Do I pay for this service?

StepIn makes an annual charge per individual to cover the cost of its services. Normally, this will be met by a service provider, which should expect to see its costs for care reduced by partnering with StepIn. Please contact StepIn to explore this further.


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