Learning to cook, pay a bill, tidy up ...

Training and living skills, such as cooking, managing a home or paying bills, are central to members achieving their goal of living in their own homes.

This is provided by disability support organisations in partnership with StepIn. This picture shows a network member adding bakery skills to her list of independent living skills. Members are introduced to these skills in advance of moving into their new homes so they are better equipped to deal with the challenges of running their own homes.


StepIn can help your organisation with awareness on network model

StepIn is available to provide awareness/training to other organisations (staff, families) about the general concept and principles of Supported Living. StepIn is also available to provide more specific training/awareness based on the StepIn model of Supported Living Networks.

Please email us or contact Brian on 087-6693118 and/or Aisling (Supported Living Coordinator) on 087-2872418.

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